My PhD research was on conformally invariant two-dimensional statistical physics models and their continuum scaling limits. My papers address problems related to percolation, conformal loop ensembles, and the Gaussian free field.

If you're interested in learning about this field of research and you aren't a mathematician, please read this non-technical overview of the key idea which drives much of the current research in conformally invariant probability. It discusses why this idea is so compelling and how it has been mathematically fruitful (accounting for two recent Fields medals).



  • MIT Probability Seminar, April 2018

  • University of Chicago probability seminar, February 2018

  • University of Connecticut analysis and probability seminar, May 2015

  • Columbia probability seminar, November 2014

  • Cornell probability seminar, September 2014

  • MIT probability seminar, September 2014

  • Les Diablerets, February 2014

  • Les Diablerets, February 2013

  • MIT probability seminar, March 2012