Math 0520: Introductory Linear Algebra

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Linear Systems Th 01/26
Vectors and Matrices Tu 01/31 Th 02/02 [3b1b]
Applications, Linear independence Tu 02/07 Th 02/09
Linear transformations Tu 02/14 Th 02/16 [3b1b] [3b1b] [3b1b]
Matrix Inverses [break] Th 02/23 [3b1b]
Linear subspaces Tu 02/28 [review] [3b1b]
Determinants Tu 03/07 Th 03/09 [3b1b]
Abstract Vector Spaces Tu 03/14 Th 03/16 [ssw] [ssw] [ssw]
Basis and Dimension Tu 03/21 Th 03/23 [ssw] [ssw] [ssw] [ssw]
Change of basis and eigenvectors Tu 04/04 Th 04/06 [3b1b] [ssw] [ssw] [ssw] [ssw]
Diagonalization Tu 04/11 Th 04/13 [ssw] [ssw] [ssw] [ssw]
Complex eigenvalues and Inner products Tu 04/18 Th 04/20 [ssw] [ssw] [ssw] [ssw]
Orthogonal Projection, Gram Schmidt, Least Squares Approximation Th 04/25 Th 04/27 [ssw] [ssw] [ssw] [ssw]
[review] [review] [ssw] [ssw] [ssw] [ssw]

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Computational resources

  • Instructions for the course Julia package (for performing matrix calculations).