WeBWorK Quickstart Instructions

Creating an assignment

  1. Select the “Library Browser” tab.

  2. Type in a new problem set name and click “Create a New Set in This Course” (use underscores instead of spaces in the problem set name).

  3. Select Subject, Chapter, and Section for the problems you want to add to the assignment, and click “View Problems”.

  4. Scroll down and click “Add” for all the problems you want to include in the assignment.

  5. Go to the “Hmwk Sets Editor” tab and click on the pencil icon next to the problem set name. Change the open and close dates as appropriate. If you want to edit the problem list, click on the problem set name under “Edit Set”. This will give you a drag-and-drop interface to re-order, delete, re-number, etc.

  6. Finally, select the “Hmwk Sets Editor” tab and click on the fraction under the “Edit Assigned Users” column. Press the “Assign to All Current Users” button.

Uploading your own pg files

Problems in WeBWorK are specified using files with the extension .pg. If you want to use someone else’s curated problem set, or if you want to write your own problems, you can upload pg files as follows.

  1. Create a local folder containing the pg files.
  2. Compress the folder to make a tar file.
  3. Use the File Manager tab in WeBWorK to upload the file.
  4. Go to Library Browser.
  5. Use “Create a New Set in This Course” to make a new problem set.
  6. Select “View Problems”.
  7. Select “Add all”.

The Open Problems Library is hosted here.

Retrieving scores

  • Select the “Scoring Tools” tab, choose the appropriate assignments, and click the .csv link to download a spreadsheet of the grades.